October 7, 2015

LOS ANGELES—California cemented its position as a national and global leader in addressing climate change as Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015 (SB 350), authored by Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León.

The new law puts California on the path to 50% power from renewable energy sources and increases energy efficiency in existing buildings by 50%, both by 2030.

The following is a sampling of statements from California Delivers supporters:

Adrienne Alvord, California and Western States Director, Union of Concerned Scientists:
“This landmark law will continue California’s leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a critical time as states and nations look for models on how to decarbonize energy. The fact that the eighth largest economy in the world is setting a 50 percent standard is proof of concept that a major economy can be run on renewables. Also, by reducing emissions from the electricity sector that are driving climate change and polluting our air, Gov. Brown and legislators are delivering on the desires of state residents who have continually supported action on climate change.”

Martha Dina-Argüello, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA:
“We are extremely happy that Governor Brown is signing SB 350, and grateful for Senator De León’s leadership. PSR-LA is committed to continuing to work with the Governor, the Legislature, and the California Air Resources Board to make sure SB 350 lives up to the promise of reducing climate change, protecting vulnerable communities, and setting a course for a renewable green energy economy.”

The Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Founder & President, California Interfaith Power & Light:
“California Interfaith Power & Light is grateful for our state’s expanding leadership in confronting the global climate crisis. In California and around the world, religious communities of all traditions are amplifying their voices for climate protection, by putting solar on their rooftops, reducing their carbon footprints, and advocating for strong and just climate policy.”

Bonnie Holmes-Gen, Senior Director, American Lung Association in California:
“Largely due to fossil fuels, California is home to the most polluted air in the United States and our severe air quality problems are leading to thousands of premature deaths and hospitalizations every year as well as billions in health costs.  State climate leadership, including the goals of SB 350, will drive down pollution and help deliver cleaner alternatives to harmful fossil fuels. We remain committed to promoting healthier air and climate for all California communities, particularly the most vulnerable individuals affected by pollution including children, seniors and those with existing lung disease.”

Lisa Hoyos, Director and Co-Founder of Climate Parents:
“SB 350 being signed into law is cause for celebration for California parents and families. Governor Brown and Senator Pro Tem De León’s leadership on clean air and clean energy for California families sets a powerful example for other states. SB 350 will help clean up the air our kids breathe and cut the carbon pollution fueling climate change. Ours kids deserve kid-safe, climate-safe energy, and SB 350 sets us squarely on that path.”

Michelle Kinman, Clean Energy Advocate, Environment California:
“Today’s signing of SB 350 is huge. Once again, the State of California is acting on the long-held values of Californians for a swift transition to a clean energy future. Each day, drought, wildfires and record temperatures remind Californians that we must act on climate, and act in a big way. We applaud the Governor and Senator De León for their leadership in setting aggressive renewable energy and energy efficiency goals, protecting our health, environment and economy, and setting a strong example for other states and countries to follow.”

Kirsten James, Senior Manager, California Policy and Partnerships, Ceres:
“Governor Brown’s approval of SB 350 is a colossal step forward in accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency across California’s economy. The fact that it’s happening in the world’s seventh largest economy is a powerful signal of clean energy’s emergence as a global player.”

Brigid McCormack, Executive Director, Audubon California:
“Today’s signing ceremony at Griffith Park is the culmination of the efforts of millions of Californians who demand a clean environment for our children, as well as our birds and other wildlife. Senate Bill 350 takes yet another step forward to address the challenges of climate change to our state. I have every expectation that this momentum will continue next year.”

Anne Notthoff, Director, Natural Resources Defense Council:
“California has taken its climate and clean energy leadership to new heights. No state has ever set such aggressive clean energy goals as California is doing now. With Governor Brown’s signature on SB 350, California is once again showing the world what can and should be done to fight climate change. But our work is not done. Reaching the targets established in law today will require a heavy dose of California’s innovative spirit and grit, and we must ensure all polluters are held accountable as we continue to make progress.”

Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve
“Big goals? Certainly, but we need commitments like this if we want a bright future for California. Plus, we already know that these ambitious targets can be achieved; just look at the success of AB 32. Strong legislation is needed for California, and we have it in SB 350. What’s most exciting about this law is the fact that the actions we take to meet these goals will boost our economy and improve the quality of life for Californians. We look forward to seeing the results.”  

Diane Regas, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund:
“Governor Brown and our legislative leaders are transforming the energy system today to help the world turn the corner on climate change tomorrow. SB 350 is a winning formula for communities, businesses, and the environment, and will serve as a model for other leaders around the country and the world.” 

Sarah Rose, CEO of the California League of Conservation Voters:
“Once again, Californians have succeeded in making history by passing a first-in-the-nation law committing our state to clean, renewable energy! This bill was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, authored by Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León, and supported by a diverse, thriving movement of climate change activists throughout the Golden State. Our progress on clean energy and clean air is possible because of the tremendous outpouring of grassroots support from Californians who know our state can and will rise above the challenges of dirty air, communities at risk from wildfires, and threatened drinking water supplies.”

 Tom Steyer, President, NextGen Climate:
“Today, California made history with a bold leap toward a cleaner, brighter and healthier future for our children. Governor Brown’s signature on Senate Bill 350 puts California on a pioneering path to pollution reduction. With twin goals of 50 percent renewable electricity generation and a doubling of energy efficiency savings in buildings by 2030, California has set an example for the rest of the nation—and the world—to follow.”

Miya Yoshitani, Executive Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network:
“Low-income, Asian immigrants and refugees have long endured fossil fuel pollution in our neighborhoods. This experience has given us the leadership to generate solutions on the ground for energy, housing and transportation in our neighborhoods using California’s climate investments. We also celebrate and evaluate the first year of these investments today. The solutions we have been working for in our communities—cleaner air, renewable energy and equitable investments—are beginning to take hold statewide. As Governor Brown signs SB 350 into law, our solutions have become law.”

California Delivers is a coalition of more than 500 businesses, public health professionals, workers, public officials, faith leaders, environmental and equity organizations, community leaders and individuals focused on protecting, implementing and extending the benefits of AB 32 beyond 2020. More:

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