California Delivers


Photo: San Joaquin RTD/Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0

California’s signature climate and clean energy law, known as AB 32, is delivering on its promise. For a decade, California’s climate leadership has provided cleaner air, a strong economy, healthier communities, quality jobs, less reliance on petroleum, and millions of dollars for community investment. Under AB 32, California is investing more than $2 billion a year from the state’s largest emitters in projects that reduce contributions to climate change, including affordable housing near transit, forest protection, clean transportation, energy efficiency, solar installations, and tree planting.

The state is known for landmark clean air policies: the Advanced Clean Cars Program (AB 1493), the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015 (SB 350), to name a few. Together with AB 32, these programs keep California at the forefront of innovation, economic growth, and air pollution reduction, and position the state as a global leader on climate change.

Meanwhile, opponents of clean energy continue to work to derail AB 32 and other forward-thinking clean energy policies. Full and timely implementation of these programs is necessary to continue the progress we’ve made in meeting our carbon pollution reduction goals and ensuring funds are invested in communities most impacted by pollution.

We are California Delivers – a broad coalition of businesses, public health professionals, working families, equity organizations, consumer groups, community and faith leaders, environmental organizations, public officials, and other individuals, focused on protecting, implementing, and extending the benefits of AB 32 beyond 2020 along with other clean energy and transportation policies that benefit all Californians.

Thank you for your support.